You can be quite creative with Snaptile. Here's a few examples, and how they were made. Snaptiles are more than just photos. They are a way of communicating something more by way of less.

If you've created a work that you are proud of, we'd love to hear from you and how you did it.

1. Onesy
2. Reverse pinch camera image to zoom.
3. Touch bright area of camera image to adjust exposure.
4. Take photo.
5. Lock in photo.
6. Use ƒ blur, place lense over subject and slightly increase blur.
7. Apply 'Memories' filter.

Collaroy Postcard
1. Updown
2. Move inset to top and resize.
3. Shoot backdrop.
4. Reverse pinch to zoom surfers in the distance.
5. Shoot inset.
6. Apply vibe to main photo.
7. Fine white frame.
8. Add title and move to lower area.

Garden Frame
1. Updown.
2. Reverse pinch to fit the inset as above.
3. Take the background photo.
4. Take the inset photo.
5. In this case, the inset photo was then cropped and zoomed using the 'Change' button.
6. Lock in the photo.
7. Use ƒ blur, place lense in the centre and blur the main photo.
8. Apply 'Purplicious' filter to main photo.
9. Apply 'Vibe' filter to inset.
10. Use subtle white frame.

Via 9 year old guest Snaptileographer
1. Use Google images & find a great Lego Movie image.
2. Save it to your camera reel.
3. Spotlight.
4. Select image from your camera reel and crop.
5. Take spotlight image of your sister.
6. Resize and position.

The Eye
1. Spotlight.
2. Switch to front camera.
3. Take photo.
4. Clone mode
5. Resize grab area to size of iris.
6. Press grab.
7. Lock in photo.
8. For Main image use 'B&W' filter.
9. For Inset image use 'Toasty' filter.
10. Subtle frame number 3.
11. Default caption font.
12. Bottom right pallet.
13. Move text.

First Sip
1. Spotlight.
2. Take photo.
3. Clone mode.
4. Resize grab area to face.
5. Press grab.
6. Lock in photo.
7. For Main image use 'Bate' filter.
8. For Inset image use 'Memories' filter.
9. Caption font 11.
10. Right justify.
11. Move/resize text box.


1. Twosy
2. Import a photo that you'd like to tweak.
3. On Crop/Edit, tweak the wide / slim slider to desired setting.
4. Import the same photo as the inset and position to match background.
5. Tweak using wide / slim.
6. Lock in.
7. Apply 'Toasty' filter.
8. Apply fine retro frame.

Upstate New York
1. Find a really cold place.
2. Take a selfiegram.

1. Decide to embellish a photo of a friend for effect.
2. Google a suitable image for juxtaposition, save to camera reel.
3. Twosy
4. Crop edit images from camera reel.
5. Add text, move.

1. Come across something deliciously ironic.
2. Google an image of Rich Miner & save to camera reel.
3. Onesy.
4. Crop edit image from camera reel.
5. Add caption text for discussion.
6. Add more caption text for name, select pallet option 3.
7. Right justify and move.

1. Set up your camera to use the 'wobble' layout. 
2. Have an espresso.
3. Capture it.